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Communicate Experience

A successful business is built on communications and marketing efforts that lead consumers through the experience of doing business with you. The more audiences engage in the experience, the more loyalty they build. The more loyalty they build, the more they come back to your business again.

Complete Communication Services

At Knock Out Performance, our team of communications and public relations experts work with you to develop complete communications, media and event plans that engage your audiences through a variety of media, letting them interact with your business in the ways that best meet their needs.

Knock Out Performance can help create a plan for your entire business or for a particular business segment, campaign or event. We can also help you update an existing plan by adding new media, social networking or more. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to bring new energy to your business.


What We Can Do For You

  • Complete Marketing and Communications Planning – Develop a roadmap for success.
  • Media Plans, Media Relations, Publicity – Be Visible! Get on the right television or radio programs, or in newspapers, websites, blogs and magazines.
  • Social Media Strategy – Build an online following via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and new platforms that have yet to be developed.
  • Event Plans – Get the right people to your events, attract the right sponsors and engage in unparalleled fundraising with an event plan that marries the best event with the best strategy.
  • Other services – Copywriting, graphic design, photography and more.

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Plan for Your Success

Goals, target audiences, tactics, measurements for success, potential obstacles, and the list goes on and on. These are just some of the pieces that go into a strong marketing and communications plan for your company. You need a plan to be successful and to engage audiences, but getting started can be daunting. Knock Out Performance has created and implemented marketing and communications plans for dozens and dozens of companies in the Denver metro area. Their plans are roadmaps for entire businesses or events and campaigns. Don’t put another business challenge on your plate; let Knock Out Performance plan and implement your business communications.
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Be a Star!

Did you ever want to have your business featured on a morning news program? Have you ever wondered how to get a restaurant critic to your café? Knock Out Performance has built media relationships around metro Denver for a variety of industries. Getting into one of these channels may be as simple as pitching the right story to the right person at the right time. Let Knock Out Performance help you be a star in Denver’s media.
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Social Strategy With Knock Out Performance!

Every business using social media needs a strategy. It is not enough to get a few likes or gain a few followers. Your followers and friends need to be actively in your business’s online presence. Social media is a stepping stone to building relationships. Knock Out Performance is an expert team with experience creating and utilizing social networks effectively and efficiently. We work across numerous industries and platforms tailoring custom social media. We will work with you to determine where you will have the most social networking success and build a plan that fits that platform. We take your business’s online presence and turn it into a dynamic community that interfaces with a mix of media, including print and broadcast. We will manage your social media, so you can manage your business.
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A Successful Event Needs a Successful Plan

You have a date. You have a venue. You have invitations. But a lot more goes into planning a successful event. Your event needs a plan. Knock Out Performance can create a customized, one-of-a-kind event plan that helps you spread the word about your event to the right audiences; gather sponsorships, silent auction donations, etc.; create manageable event goals; and host your event from start to finish, under budget. Take the burden off of your team and let the team at Knock Out Performance do what they do best.
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"Kimbirly is a true professional. She gets great results in the social media area and her knowledge is top shelf. I would recommend that you take the time to meet with her and learn how she can help your business grow!"

− Mark Ryan, Team Leader at Keller Williams Park Meadows

"Love working with Kimbirly. She loves social media and always is looking for new and creative ways to expand our reach there. I have no time after creating content to populate it onto various social media sites. That's what Kimbirly does every day for me. I never have to ask her. As soon as she sees my posts, she replicates it. Makes my life easier! She is involved in many charities, including mine."

− Ranny Levy, CEO, KIDS FIRST! Social Entrepreneur and Executive (ranny@kidsfirst.org)

"I’ve worked with Kimbirly in several capacities – professional colleagues, customer and as volunteers. Kimbirly is an amazing marketer. I feel her business style best defines networking, partnership and out of the box thinking. She is always looking for opportunities to help her customers market their product or service in the best possible way. Kimbirly is creative, collaborative, and focused on creating win win solutions for her clients. Kimbirly’s passion for her work and life is simply remarkable!"

− Marsha Miera, Client Relationship Manager at LSI, an LPS company

"I had the pleasure of meeting Kimbirly at VSDA in 2000. When I had specific trade show requirements she didn’t hesitate and took care of everything. We also collaborated on a musical event during VSDA 2005. Her marketing skills, networking ability, and partnerships with the hotel, sponsors and musicians were vital to the event’s success. Kimbirly knows everyone and everyone knows her. She is a customer-focused professional with a heart of gold."

− Gifford Campbell, Account Manager, PBS Distribution