Kimbirly Orr is the lead media and PR social media strategist and Founder of Knock Out Performance, a marketing & media agency based in Denver, CO. Kimbirly has over 30 years experience in marketing and business development. She is a hybrid marketing and sales expert with an impressive record of success across diverse consumer and B2B industries and companies. Kimbirly is uniquely skilled in digital marketing, media relations, event production, and publicity.

Kimbirly is an innovative thinker who can hit the ground running and provide game changing solutions. Kimbirly is passionate about networking. She is a Social Media advocate and has been working in this space since before Twitter and Facebook were household words.

A graduate of the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, Kimbirly is active in non-profit and fundraising work. In her free time, Kimbirly enjoys cheering for the Colorado Buffaloes and playing in the snow near her home in Denver, Colorado.

Best asset: Career background falls outside ‘the box’.